National Tertiary Basketball Champs is the destress students need

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

National Tertiary Basketball Champs held in Auckland this weekend with players setting aside competition to destress and take in the health benefits of friendly sport. 

15 teams, 100s of points and a weekend of sweat, laughter, tears, highs and lows.

For these students, the tournament is more than just a competition. One student said, "Kinda stressful at the mo, assignments and stuff but it's definitely a good stress release." another said "I'm doing my masters so I'm always at uni doing my thesis so to be able to go to training with some of the girls, having a laugh is good for health."

Student's and staff say the 95-year-old shield represents more than just university pride. One staff member said "The mental aspect is probably the biggest benefit. Student life is a stressful and hard one and maybe this an give them the mental space they need."

The tournament aims to continue to promote the benefits of sport for students while studying.