Native Affairs - CYFS Review

By Mihingarangi Forbes

The Minister for Social Development recently announced a comprehensive review of Child, Youth and Family.

The review is expected to lead to a major revamp of the agency charged with caring for our most vulnerable kids.

The panel is headed up by Economist Paula Rebstock and includes Police Commissioner Mike Bush, Chief Science Adviser to the Ministry of Social Development, Richie Poulton, former parliamentary Chief of Staff Helen Leahy and the CE of a Scottish Youth Advocacy Charity, Duncan Dunlop.

Despite Māori making up 56% of children in CYFS care, not one Māori expert has been included on the panel.

Earlier today, Mihingarangi Forbes spoke to Anne Tolley, the Minister responsible for CYFS about the glaring omission.

The review has infuriated the President of the Māori Women’s Welfare League - family lawyer, Prue Kapua.