Native Affairs - Fishy Business Panel

By Mihingarangi Forbes

Native Affairs continues it's special investigation into allegations of fish dumping by Progressive Enterprises.

The Minister of Primary Industries was asked to speak with Native Affairs but he's currently out of the country.

In a statement Primary Industries says:

Countdown says only 0.2% of its fish supply is turned into fish meal or oil.

It makes no sense for them to waste fish - it's in their interest to sell as much as they can MPI officials have looked at this issue and found no evidence of any illegal activity.

There is no evidence the fish wasn't legally caught under the Quota Management system and of legal size.

This is purely an issue between the supermarket and the supplier.

To discuss this issue Mihingarangi Forbes is joined by Labour MP Shane Jones and NZ Fisheries expert Glenn Simmons who is a Research Fellow for the New Zealand Asia Institute and research associate Mira Szaszy Research centre.