Native Affairs - Kōwhiri 14, Te Tai Tokerau Part 5

Native Affairs – Kōwhiri 14 Māori Electorate debate special finishes its journey with the candidates vying for the vote of Te Tai Tokerau.

Hone Harawira the sitting MP and leader of Internet MANA, Kelvin Davis from Labour and Te Hira Paenga of the Māori Party are live in studio debating the big issues.

Billie Jo Hohepa Ropiha is on the home straight and has spent time with the community of Mangamuka, Kaitaia. She asks the candidates, if they were elected, what big issue would they choose to tackle first?

Also in our final set of poll results we asked the voters.

If the election was held tomorrow which of the candidates who are standing would you vote for?

Independent MP, Clinton Dearlove has 1.4% while Te Hira Paenga of the Māori Party is sitting on 9.4%.

The polls have also revealed another tight race in this electorate with Kelvin Davis of Labour sitting at 37% and Hone Harawira just a smidge ahead at 38%.

9.2% didn’t know who they would vote for while 5% would not vote for any of the candidates or would not vote.

We also asked voters:

If the election was held tomorrow, which political party would you vote for with your party vote?

NZ First is at 8% while the Māori Party and the Green Party both sit at 9% with National ahead of them by 1 on 10%.

The Internet MANA party sits at 25% while Labour is ahead in the electorate with 39% of the vote.