Native Affairs - Kōwhiri 14, Te Tai Tonga Part 4

Kōwhiri 14 - Te Tai Tonga

The Te Tai Tonga Native Affairs - Kōwhiri 14 debate continues and so too did Jodi Ihaka's tiki-tour through Te Tai Tonga to Kaikoura.

She pointed out that despite new laws designed to protect the wildlife, people in the area are still worried there will be a massive environmental disaster, so she asks the candidates where they stand on mining, drilling and the protection of NZ’s fast-fading clean green, environmental image?

In the exclusive Kōwhiri 14 poll, voters were in Te Tai Tonga were asked, if the Māori Party held the balance of power, would you prefer they went into partnership with a National-led or Labour-led coalition?

25.4% want a National-led coalition and 65.4% would like the Māori Party to go into a Labour-led coalition, while 9.2% don't know or are undecided.

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