Native Affairs - Kōwhiri 14, Waiariki Part 5

Native Affairs - Kōwhiri 14 continues with the three leading candidates vying for the Waiariki Electorate live in studio with Mihingarangi Forbes.

Te Ururoa Flavell from the Māori Party, Annette Sykes of the MANA Movement and Rawiri Waititi of Labour are debating the big issues and trying to convince voters that they are right person to represent them in Parliament.

Semiramis Holland continues her journey through Te Waiariki and her final stop is Rotorua where she spent time in the community asking the voters what matters to them.  Her final question for the candidates is how they intend to help communities like Rotorua address crime-related issues to make people feel safer in their hometown?

In the final set of results from the Māori Television Reid Research Poll we asked voters, which of the candidates who are standing would you vote for?

Annette Sykes of MANA received 21%. Rawiri Waititi of the Labour Party received 17% while Te Ururoa Flavell is trouncing the competition on 50%.

The NZ Independent Coalition candidate Pat Spellman received 2%, and 10% responded with they don’t know, none of these or they would not vote.

We also asked which Political Party would you vote for with your party vote?

Labour leads the party vote on 35%, National sits at 11% with the Māori Party on 26%.

The Green Party is on 5% and NZ First has  8%, Internet MANA received 14% and the Conservative Party makes their first appearance on our polls with 1%.