Native Affairs - Kōwhiri 2014, Te Tai Tonga Part 3

Kōwhiri 14 - Te Tai Tonga

Native Affairs Kōwhiri 14 continues debating all the big issues with the four leading Te Tai Tonga candidates.

Cantabrians are still feeling the aftershock of the Christchurch earthquakes so Jodi Ihaka called in to see how the locals are coping, and asks the candidates what they are going to do to fix the many problems whānau in the area are still faced with.

Also, in the second set of results from the Kōwhiri 14 exclusive poll, we asked voters in Te Tai Tonga whether they felt the Government has done enough to support whānau after the Christchurch earthquakes?

19% of respondents answered YES.

While 70% said NO, that the Government has not done enough to support whānau after the earthquakes and 11% said they don't know.

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