Native Affairs - Moral Outrage, Criminal Act

By Mihingarangi Forbes

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has described an Israeli attack on a UN School sheltering Palestinian refugees as "a moral outrage and a criminal act."

10 civilians were killed in what Ki-moon said was "yet another gross violation of international humanitarian law."

The school in Rafah is the third UN school to be attacked by Israel in the last 10 days.  71 Palestinians were killed yesterday, raising the total number of Palestinian deaths to 1,822 and the number of injured to over 9,000.

By comparison, Israel has lost 67 of its own, 64 of them soldiers.  Israel has announced a seven hour limited truce to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Labour Foreign Affairs spokesman David Shearer worked for the UN for 20 years, 4 of them in Gaza and the West Bank and has criticised our government for not speaking out against Israel's actions.

David Shearer joins Mihingarangi Forbes in studio to discuss this.