Native Affairs Summer Series 2014 - Ataahua

Imagine being born a healthy baby, only later to become very sick, and a string of doctors can't tell you what's causing your illness.

You then find out you have a life-threatening disease, but there's no telling how much time you have left.

Then you get to make a wish, what would you wish for?  That's the scenario facing a 7-year-old Māori girl, Ataahua Olsen. 

Earlier this year we sent our reporter Adrian Stevanon to meet this remarkable girl..

Adrian also joins Mihingarangi Forbes back in studio to update viewers on how Ataahua and her family are doing at the moment.

He also gives an update on other stories that touched his heart throughout the year and outlines what he thinks has been his biggest achievment so far.  

To view the full episode that featured the story of Ataahua see the video below.