NBA returns to the courts

By Mana Wikaire-Lewis

The next sport to return to television screens in the Covid-19 era is basketball, in the form of the NBA.

But there are still no live audiences/crowds allowed at NBA games.

More noticeable, however, is where the games are being run.

Te Ao Toa's Nathan Rarere says, "What [the NBA] has done is set itself up in Disneyworld. ESPN is one of [Disney's] main carriers of NBA and it's part of the Disney company.

"Basically what they've set up is the Cleveland Cavaliers staying in Mississippi Junction. They've all got the own little hotel rooms - it's entirely hemmed in."

Asked who to watch, the Los Angeles Lakers were cited by Rarere but not without dropping a somewhat controversial comment about the team's star player. "LeBron James is a brilliant player but he's old. A big, long season is where he can wear down but now this is nice and condensed."