NCEA results are out and Māori may have an advantage

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

NCEA results released today reveal only 1 in 7 students enrolled in Māori language subjects are enrolled in Te Reo Rangatira. 

However, wharekura principal Māhia Nathan says there are students who are doing both reo subjects, giving them two opportunities to achieve.   

Te Reo Māori and Te Reo Rangatira are both recognised in tertiary institutes.  Nathan says his students are embracing the opportunity to excel in both. 

"The students start at Te Reo Māori level 1 in year 9, level 2 in year 10 and level 3 and Te Reo Rangatira level 1 in year 11," says Nathan.

Of the 7,000 students across the country who enrolled in the Māori language courses, only 1,000 enrolled in the more advanced and equally-accredited Te Reo Rangatira course.

Nathan believes that regardless of the level difference it's a chance for wharekura students to take on the opportunity, and hopes more will do so.