NCEA results online today

NCEA results will be made available online today for hundreds of thousands of students across the country.

Careers New Zealand is emphasising how emotional and confronting the results can be for teens, particularly those heading out into the world to pursue a career.

Principal Advisor of Careers New Zealand, Pat Cody says “for many students, results will confirm study or career pathways, but some will receive results that may be disappointing or unexpected.”

The organisation is emphasising the importance of providing support and guidance to those awaiting results, particularly if the outcome is not what they hoped for.

“Exams can be a difficult time so when students do badly, it can frighten them from trying again next time. That’s when they need the support of parents and caregivers to help them make the right decisions about their career and future.”

A suggested technique for parents is to go over the exam results with their teens which allows the opportunity to identify areas for improvement and teh ability to discuss the options available.

“If parents and caregivers can show support and help teens understand their performance, they might be able to help them bounce back better than they would on their own.

“Results can be particularly daunting for school leavers who can feel their future hinges on their marks. The reality is that there are always options and it’s important for leavers to have a Plan B, or even a Plan C.”

Careers New Zealand will hold a Live Chat online tommorrow for anyone that may have questions or want to seek advice on mapping a pathway forward.

Cody says “It’s important to remember that a career is not the job a person does, it’s also about developing skills that are transferable across industries – it’s a journey through learning, paid and unpaid work and other aspects of their life.”