Netball star overcomes personal tragedy to find success on court

By Ripeka Timutimu

Pulse and Silver Ferns player, Ameliaranne Wells, has overcome personal tragedy allowing her to take the court faster and stronger than she's ever done before.

The shooting star's mother passed away in December last year and she says her training has helped with her loss, “It was a really hard time for me and something that you don’t wish anyone to go through and to have the Pulse to come back to has really been my saving grace. It gave structure, it gave goals to work towards and a sense of direction,” she says.

Wells was one of the newbies in ex-Pulse coach Robyn Broughton’s 2015 squad, moving from Australia to settle in the Capital. She says her team has become her surrogate family, “These guys are my family over here. I moved away from my family so it’s definitely been great to come back into. It was a bit shaky at the start but I’m so grateful to be back in the environment and its keeping me busy.”

Taking the court at training, Wells seems fitter and faster than last season.

The Pulse Coach, Tanya Dearns is proud of the progress the 25 year old has made during the last two months.

“She’s been dealing with a whole lot of stuff and it’s really tough for a young girl to do that and lose your Mum. She’s done extremely well to come back to where she is, she’s looked after herself, she’s healthy and she’s fit, she wants out there,” says Dearns.