New app provides animated tour guide for Puhinui Stream explorers

By Taroi Black

A new app called The Journeys of Manu has just been launched.

When users view the app, an animated figure takes them on a journey and teaches them about specific landmarks in Auckland.

The figure "Manu" a super-imposed Māori character allowing participants to navigate through the Puhinui Stream. 

Mason Ngawhika says this app is a meeting of Māori knowledge and science. 

The augmented reality game tells participants to scan markers along the stream. 

"This is beneficial for people taking walks and using the app to learn about the areas they walk in. This initiative is only the beginning," says Ngawhika.

The app was a joint-developed by AUT University's Research and Innovation, Healthy Families Manukau and local Auckland government.

Ngawhika says, "This app only pertains to stories of South Auckland, which we should acknowledge. Thanks to technology, users are able to collect those stories and history."

The Journeys of Manu will be activated at this weekend's Puhinui Stream Challenge 2017 by local Aucklanders.