New bilingual book celebrates teachers

By Regan Paranihi

Senior te reo Māori lecturer at Massey University, Dr Darryn Joseph (Ngāti Maniapoto), has launched a new bilingual book that pays homage to teachers.

It is a story that was inspired by one of his mentors, who sadly passed away a few years ago, and is also a small gesture of love.

"This is a token from my heart to teachers who continue to help their students. However, it's also to settle students so that they are not anxious," says Dr Joseph.

Three years ago, he was sitting in a hospital room saying his final goodbye to a dear friend and mentor when the inspiration for this book grew.

"One night, when I was there, I wrote a lullaby and that lullaby was to celebrate teachers. Therefore, from that I used those words and incorporated them into this book."

He says everyone has that one teacher who has inspired them in one way or another.

"Maybe in your lifetime, there's one teacher that is your favourite, the one you know helped you and some ways led you on to another path, the right path."

He also says that there is a need for more te reo Māori resources.

"There needs to be more te reo Māori books in shops, so this is a small token to add to that world of buying books; however, we need more."

If there is one thing he hopes people will take away from this resource, it is the message that lies beneath the pictures.

"If this makes people happy when they read it then I'm happy with that."

Dr Joseph hopes to create more te reo Māori books in the future.