New book reveals dirt on NZ politicians

By Maiki Sherman

Legal challenges are being mounted across the political divide following revelations of serious allegations within the book, Dirty Politics, by investigative journalist Nicky Hager.

The allegations are aimed at John Key and his Government, including his staff and National supporters.

Nicky Hager is the investigative journalist who wrote the book, Dirty Politics, a book, he says, shows the side of John Key and his Government that the general public doesn't see.

One of those who has felt the harsh end of such actions is Auckland mayor, Len Brown, during his affair scandal.

The information in Nicky Hager's book came from thousands of documents from an anonymous hacker who stole the files from Cameron Slater, writer of the Whale Oil blog site.

In one part of the book, Cameron Slater is boasting to Judith Collins, Police Minister at the time, of possibly obtaining video footage from a police source regarding the Ruātoki raids.

The Green Party has laid official complaints with police and others regarding the allegations and is calling for Collins to be stood down from her ministerial position.

John Key on the other hand remains staunch, saying it's the left who are playing dirty. 

Key has levelled allegations towards Nicky Hager but his reasoning for doing so fell short.