New campaign documentary highlights Moko Rangitoheriri father's healing path

By Stefan Dimitrof

The founders of the anti-domestic violence organisation She Is Not Your Rehab, Matt and Sarah Brown, have unveiled their latest campaign to raise awareness of a new kaupapa called Who is She?

The short documentary #WhoIsShe, created by Brandon Te Moana-Nui, highlights the harsh reality that people live with after receiving, living with or committing domestic abuse.

The documentary shows Jordan Rangitoheriri in his first public interview reflecting on the tragic loss of his son, Moko Rangitoheriri, at the hands of David Haerewa and Tania Shailer and his healing journey of trying to forgive his son’s murders.

The documentary also introduces Teakaraupo and Tānemahuta Pakeha-Heke who, along with their mother, Talla Pakeha, endured domestic violence. But when Pakeha had a bad asthma attack, medical responders wouldn't enter the home because it was deemed too dangerous.

Matt Brown also features talking about the new kaupapa Who is She? which had men from across the world contribute a positive word describing an important wahine in their lives.


He said the point of this new kaupapa was to ensure the wahine was uplifted and to show men standing in solidarity with wahine against domestic violence.

"So many men have disclosed to me their stories, upbringings; yes, our statistic when it comes to family violence are horrific in this country and we wanted to highlight men that are doing the work, who are not perpetrators of violence, who uplift and show up for their whānau.

Sarah said that the most submitted word was home. “It means clearly they don’t want to live in rehab centres, they want to live at home; it speaks to a whole group of men that we would like to highlight.”

“That is inspirational. It has ripple effects that will shift the culture to how we speak and affirm our wahine,” Sarah said.

Matt and Sarah’s intention is that, until every child in New Zealand lives in a violence-free home, they will not stop their work.