A new Child and Adolescent Asthma Guideline has been developed

By Regan Paranihi

A new set of Child and Adolescent Asthma Guidelines have been developed by a group of respiratory health experts and have been published in the New Zealand Medical Journal.

The guidelines provide evidence-based guidance for the diagnosis and treatment of asthma for children 15 years and younger.  They are also intended to assist health professionals to deliver top asthma care in the community and in emergency departments.

Respiratory Pediatrician at Starship Children’s Health, David McNamara says, “The new guidelines are an important step in reducing disparities and improving outcomes for children with asthma and their whānau.”

He also says the guidelines address the many challenges you come across when dealing with asthma such as asthma management, patient education, follow-up, motivation and improving adherence.

Focusing on these key areas will boost the health and quality of life of those children with asthma and decrease the load of severe sickness and hospitalization on the health system.

Lorraine Hetaraka-Stevens, Nurse Leader, Networks & Integration at National Hauora Coalition says, "The new guidelines include a focus on workforce, systems, and broader determinants that impact on asthma such as income and housing.

"They aim to enable consistent standards of care which can inform a wide range of health professionals working in a variety of settings, for example, school-based nurses and rural health professionals."

Visit http://www.nzasthmaguidelines.co.nz/ to download a free copy of the Child and Adolescent Asthma Guidelines.