New e-book helps whānau with land succession

By Mare Haimona-Riki

Hauora Whenua is a series of e-books and e-videos that aim to help whanau Māori succeed their whānau land following the death of the family member who owned the property.

CEO of Kainga Hauora Advocate Services Adele Hauwai (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Pahuera, Tūhoe, Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Maniapoto) says the name Hauora Kainga was appropriate as she sees this process as a "healing journey."

“We are the land, the land is us, and together we are the future,” she says.

“We are doing a whole lot of series, even in the new year 2022 of e-books specifically about Māori land, as it is one of the big struggles that a lot of our Tangata Whenua have had trouble with.”   

What is land succession?

Succession is where an interest in land (including shares in Māori land) is transferred from a person who has died to the people who are entitled to take the deceased person’s property (the “successors”).

With Māori land, an order from the Māori Land Court is necessary to transfer the deceased person’s land interests to his or her successors.

Without a will and testament the process can take years to be litigated through the courts.

The 7 Steps 

The first of the series of e-books was released three days ago entitled 7 Steps For Succeeding Māori Land - Simple and Uncontested.

Hauora Whenua - 7 Steps for Succeeding Maori Land from Hauora Kainga Advocate Services on Vimeo.

Hauwai says it is important that this process is laid out clearly because a lot of information on this topic is extremely outdated and inaccurate.  

“Even on the Māori land online website, and government websites, so we are helping a lot of the younger generation to be able to succeed their land to go and live on their whenua and achieve their own aspiration whether it be residential, commercial, or reservation kaupapa."

The e-book is free to download on their website.