New Hope Community Church share Xmas spirit

The Christmas season can be tough for many families around the country, so many Christian organisations are doing their bit to help out struggling families, not only over the Xmas season but all year round, just like the New Hope Community Church in Hastings.

Every Tuesday night the New Hope Community Church kitchen is bustling with life as it prepares to serve up its free dinner.

The warm meal is a welcome relief to the 100 or so who are looking for a positive environment and good company at this time of year.

Two years ago, Lisa and her husband Kurt began the dinner and it's all done on a meagre budget of $100 and as well as some extra food donations.

The Church will carry on the dinner next year and is hoping to expand its service by including budgeting advice, but for now it's a chance for those who only have very little to enjoy the festive season without the stress.