New Kīngitanga resource to help teach history to tamariki

By Stefan Dimitrof

A new eight-book resource is being launched to inform tamariki about the Kingitanga as part of its effort to promote Aotearoa history in schools.

Te Ara O Te Kingitanga was developed by the Office of King Tuheitia and Tupu Ora and written by Greg Koia (Ngāti Porou), who said the goal of the resource was to introduce a human element to the story. Other resources that held information about the Kingitanga were in a more formal format and textbook-formatted.

Koia said that the resource was written in Māori, from the Māori perspective and was then translated after that so “we wouldn't lose the essence of the story".

“It acknowledges that every iwi has a connection to the Kingitanga.”

Koia said so far the resource is eight books long with the hope that any tamariki at any kura kaupapa reading the stories could find some connection and promote the idea of kotahitanga.

“It promotes their own iwi identity; told from a Māori perspective while maintaining that whakaaro Māori and that tikanga Māori in the English versions of the book.”

The resource will be launched at a formal function marking the 16th anniversary of King Tuheitia's coronation.