New lead on $100k boutique store robbery

By Jessica Tyson
Owner Caroline Marr wearing one of the garments that was stolen. Source: The Carpenters Daughter, Facebook

The owner of a high-end boutique in Tīrau in Waikato says she has a lead to the person who may have robbed her store over the long weekend.

Owner of The Carpenters Daughter Caroline Marr of Ngāi Tahu says her store was robbed of more than 270 garments worth more than $100,000.

The incident has attracted a strong following on social media after Marr posted a video about the robbery on Monday asking for help.

She told Rereātea that since then people travelling through the town have stopped in at her store to tell her about suspicious activity they saw on Monday night.

“People have driven by through Tīrau, on their way home or back to Putaruru, and they said ‘We saw something on Monday night at 9.30, a grey station wagon parked outside your store, and a short bald stocky man was there’.”

Police have also taken fingerprints from the scene and are investigating.

“It’s my livelihood and it’s my pension fund – it’s my forever. I’ve done this for 30 years and I never believed that somebody could come and take so much so quickly from somebody and just wipe me out. I don’t know if I can recover from this but I’m hoping I can.”

More than $100,000 in garments were stolen. Photo source: The Carpenters Daughter, Facebook

She says the stolen items included garments from her own brand The Carpenters Daughter as well as La La, Juna and Euphoria.

“My labels are very well recognisable and they’re quite exclusive as well,” she says.

“And being plus size there’s not a lot of us out there who do plus size designer labels so they’ll be well identifiable.”

Marr says she would like her garments to be returned to her.

 “I’m forever an optimist so I believe that there will be a silver lining in all of this I hope, but the biggest thing that possibly could happen which would be good would be to get my stock back.”