New Plymouth District Council withdraws eviction notice

Brewer is a sickness beneficiary who recently received a written notice to vacate his driftwood lean-to at Tapuae Beach.

A poll showed 70% of locals thought Brewer should be left alone and it seems the Council is listening.

Eric Brewer was supposed to be evicted today from his beach hut, but will be staying put after the Council agreed to leave him be.

On March 20, Brewer received a written notice issued by the New Plymouth District Council to remove his driftwood and tarpaulin hut from the area by 3pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Eric's family and members of the public say he's a harmless man and are opposed to his eviction from the beach.

The Council has notified Housing NZ of Eric's situation, but until he indicates his housing needs, they are staying out of the situation.