New scholarship for Māori reporters to get a taste of politics

By Te Ao - Māori News

A new scholarship to encourage more Māori into political journalism has been launched, and Press Gallery chair Maiki Sherman says this is an opportunity to get a taste of politics.

The successful applicant will be mentored by senior press gallery journalists and experience a week in the life of a political reporter. They will also attend events such as the Prime Minister's post-cabinet press conference and question time in the House.

Sherman says it's a step toward greater Māori representation in the press gallery.

"The main aim is for our Māori reporters not to fear our House. Parliament belongs to all of us. I believe reporters are stand-offish from coming to Parliament.

"The goal is to ease that transition for them, and assure them this is a benevolent building. We, as journalists, are here to help and guide them.

"There are a lot of benefits of working here. This is where the laws of the country are made, and also where the Treaty of Waitangi is implemented. This is where we get to challenge those in power and it's only right that Māori reporters are involved in this process."