New venture a platform for rangatahi to take part in waka movement

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

A new tourism venture in the heart of Auckland is pioneering tourism in New Zealand through innovation and sustainability. Okeanos Aotearoa provides a platform for youth to take part in the waka movement.

Kelly Harrison says, "We were once and still are the greatest explorers and navigators of our time and of our ancestors time so restoring that in a modern context.

Harrison believes this is a platform to affirm identity in youth and to help build future leaders.

"They learn a lot about who they are, it restores that knowing of where they come from, and it gives us an opportunity to groom new leaders for tomorrow." 

According to Rickylee Russel, experience is the best teacher. 

"It is quite a lot to take on when you first jump on you kind of get chucked in the deep end, it's the fastest way to learn but you either sink or swim, literally."

Te Ngoi Marika Mason has been working as a crewman for six months. Now, he has his sights set on exploring the tides of the Pacific Ocean.

"Sailing this across the ocean, hopefully going to Hawaii, Rarotonga, Solomon Islands and all that, so those are my big dreams at the moment going on a big voyage."

Okeanos has its sights set on the horizon, aspiring to participate in the International Ocean Conference being held in Hawaii in 2020. 

#Photo Credit - Okeanos Aotearoa Waka Tours - Facebook