New Zealand's first Horror Fest has arrived

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

New Zealand's first Horror Fest has arrived. It's Halloween and ASB Showgrounds in Auckland has been transformed for Hell Horror Fest 2017. Be advised, the following images may frighten some viewers.

'Be prepared to be terrified', says Jahmain Paki (Ngāti Raukawa) of HELL's Horror Fest.

Definitely you might need to bring some spare undies but it's going to be a crazy night filled with horror screams, but you're going to come out laughing and have a good time.

TV personality Jahmain Paki has a background in drama and television. He plays the horror movie character Jigsaw.

"I have a big passion in acting, so it gives that whole creative freedom to come up with any story and literally perform live to live customers and it's the best feeling ever."

Created by BodyFX, the experience involves braving a purpose built horror maze before exiting to watch a drive-in horror movie. Different horror movies will be screened each night and viewers can order HELL's Pizza and wait in suspense for it to be delivered to their car by one of the actors. Paki says it's one hell of a ride.

"Throughout the horror maze there's different themes from different horror movies so if you love horror movies you have to come check this out and it's going to be mind blowing."

He says he gets thrills giving people the chills.

"The best is the reactions, seeing the real reactions from real people and then you see these guys acting all staunch as stuff and then you scare them and they're like aagghh like little girls."

HELL's Horror Fest opens tonight and runs until the 4th of November.