Ngā Ringa Raupā - Kiriata Matthews

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Kiriata Matthews has committed much of her life to Te Rauawaawa Kaumātua Charitable Trust alongside her dear partner Eruiti Matiu before his passing in 2014.

Since then, she has worked tirelessly to help kaumātua in the Waikato region.

Her work has been so highly-recognised that she was honoured with the Ministry Health's Māori-Pacific Volunteer Award this year for her outstanding work as a volunteer.

Pare Meha says, “The reason for the work she does is to care for the elderly.  She is a real saviour, a true hard worker for the elderly and she puts everything into these programmes here at Te Rauawaawa (Kaumatua Charitable Trust).

Deep down she wants to make things better for the elderly and bring joy to their lives.”

Donna Davies says, “The award was presented by the Minister of Health, it is the Ministry of Health award for a volunteer and Mā received the Māori-Pacific Island outstanding achievement for a volunteer.

She is here always working on something and everything she puts her hand to is for the benefit of kaumātua.

Everywhere she is, is all about kaumātua, she’s a kaumātua herself but she forfeits the stuff that she needs for the needs of the other.”