Ngā Ringa Raupā - Tauwiratanga Hita

By Dean Nathan

Tauwiratanga Hita is a Māori warden who, for over 25 years, has been helping her community since becoming a teacher's aide at Bream Bay College in Ruakākā. 

This week we caught up with this industrious lady on the job.

Tauwira Hita says, “My name is Tauwira Hita. Puhanga Tohoraha is my mountain. Mangataua is my river.

Te Rautawanui is the marae. Otaua is the land and Ngāpuhi is the tribe.

One day, the school teacher came to my home because a nephew of mine was going to school here. He could not read or write.

I went to his classroom and that's when I became a teacher aide.  Now 25 years have passed and I'm still here.

I'm also a Māori Warden here in Whangarei which I love to do.  I like to do what's needed in this community. If the work's not done, then the work won't get finished.

This qualification I received, it's very intense study, very challenging intellectually. I just about cried.

However, I passed! I'm overwhelmed right now.

Yes, it's my passion, caring and helping my own grandchildren and great grandchildren. Yes, and also assisting my extended family."