Ngā Tapuwae claim National Secondary Schools Ki-o-rahi title

Te Kura Māori o Ngā Tapuwae has taken out this year's New Zealand Secondary School Ki-o-rahi Nationals for the first time. 

The host team went head to head against Te Wharekura o Rākaumangamanga in the final, winning 10-8. 

It was a high-intensity final match between Rākaumanga and Ngā Tapuwae who made their first ever final. Rākaumanga who dominated over the tournament quickly getting the first scores on the board. 

But Ngā Tapuwae came back quickly, confusing Rākaumanga's defence in the first quarter taking the lead, 4-2.

A much faster and coordinated Ngā Tapuwae continued to outrun their opponents in the second quarter. 

Down 7-5 at halftime, Rākaumanga struggled to break through Ngā Tapuwae's resilient defence on the tupu. 

Rākaumanga came close to narrowing the margins in the final quarter, but it wasn't enough to overpower Ngā Tapuwae who held onto a 2-point lead.