Ngā Tauira Māori celebrate Māori Day 2015

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Māori Day is the one day in the year that the University of Auckland celebrates its Māori students with live performances, foods and art.  But it wasn't just Māori taking part in the festivities. 

It's a day for the students, by the students.  Organiser Patrice Leaf says, "It's a day we can celebrate the Māori students at Auckland University, it's the one day the university gives us Māori students the opportunity to celebrate our Māori heritage."

Each year students celebrate Māori Day, and what you'll see is the typical smorgasboard of Māori kai. 

But, its not just Māori taking advantage of the day.

Dancer Shakaiah Perez says, "It's so great seeing the people of different cultures coming to celebrate our culture, it's good seeing their connection with us and their love for things Māori."

To set the tone with a true Maori flavour, Ardijah, Jimi Jackson and Majic Paora are all set to take the stage later tonight.