Ngā Uri Taniwha debut at Te Matatini 2019

By Taroi Black

Ngā Uri Taniwha is one of five teams debuting at Te Matatini Festival next week and they're also one of the local groups preparing to represent their region of Wellington. 

Tutor Rahera Davies says, “Yes five days remaining, there's still lots to do on and off the stage. We're here preparing, taking time out of the daily chores. We've been relieved so we can complete the remaining items, patu work, poi, maro, all of those things.”

Ngā Uri Taniwha is a cultural based group in Wellington which consists of Urban Māori. After qualifying last year at the Wellington Regionals and placing third.

“Ngā Uri Taniwha's main focus is to revive the stories of our district, from Rimutaka and right across Wellington.”

The group base their name on the mythical story of two taniwha residing in Capital's harbour.

“So they know, they learn the history of this region. That's something that I keep in mind as we approach the big day.”

Ngā Uri Taniwha is scheduled to perform on day 3 of the Te Matatini event.