Ngāi Tahu work with Civil Defence to provide relief

By Aroha Mane

Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu has teamed up with the Civil Defence service to provide emergency relief. One of those projects includes opening the doors to Takahanga Marae in Kaikoura and providing satellite phones to provide a means of communication.

Ngaī Tahu Chairman Mark Solomon told Te Kāea today, “We’ve sent satellite phones through and Takahanga Marae is operating as a Civil Defence welfare centre. Our fishing company up there emptied all of its stalls out and I think everyone had a good feed of crayfish." 

More than a thousand earthquake victims including locals and tourist have gone through Takahanga marae, who have provided food and sleeping facilities. However, the big issue for the marae at the moment is  water.

“We’ve just finished a briefing session with Civil Defence and hope to take supplies (water) in shortly. They have helicopters and we have some too”

Solomon says  movement in the seabed is also being assessed.

“The big uplifts in the coastline means we don’t know what’s underneath and a survey need to be done before we can get ships close to shore.”

At this stage, access via air and water are the options being considered to provide relief.