Ngāpuhi cousins face off in Indoor Netball final

Today, the seven-a-side men's battled it out for a spot in tomorrow's finals. New Zealand and Australia are currently leading on the scoreboard. It's a face-off for two first cousins in the Australia and the New Zealand teams as they aim to outdo each other.

Kevin Bell and Leon Tauariki may be cousins, but on the netball court, they're rivals.

New Zealand representative Kevin Bell says, “We've played each other in the past. I know Leon is more about speed, he's lacking a bit of height in there so it's making sure that I keep up with that speed if we probably play against each other as well.”

It's a first for most players in the NZ Men's sevens side to compete at the World Cup. However, statistics so far are pointing to NZ taking on defending champs Australia in the grand-final.

Commentator Marutawhao Delamere says, “At the moment, the NZ Men's team is sitting in a good position. They've only lost one game so far.  This evening they play Australia. We'll see what comes of that game.”

Australian representative Leon Tauariki says, “The Kiwis won the six-a-side and they'll be vying for that top spot as well. The Aussies are looking to obviously get that seven's title but it will be a good match.”

However, it's still a tight race to the finish line with South Africa close on their tail.

“It's very exciting because at the moment it's down to anyone. The team who comes on top tomorrow is the team who definitely deserves it,” says Delamere.

At the end of the day, for these cousins, love conquers all.