Ngāpuhi descendant qualifies for two major world competitions

A Ngāpuhi descendant has qualified for two major world competitions, the Crossfit Games in California to be held in July and also World Masters Weightlifting Cup to be held in Dallas Texas in early August. 
Francine Pehi says, "Excited, very nervous. Very excited. It's been a few years in the making for someone like me coming from a non sporting background."
Francine Pehi has qualified for the Crossfit Games in California for the masters 45-49 section.
Pehi says, "You know what, I've already just about reached the ultimate goal for me was to compete and qualify at the games and i did it!"
She has made a huge sacrifices to chase her dream. 
"I left my job, had a bit of savings and luckly I've got whānau, close whānau, supoorting me while I follow through," says Pehi.
She has five generations of support.
She says, "I've got the three children and a grandbaby too and I live with the kids. They're amazingly supportive. Parents are back home in New Zealand and my grandmother, she's down in Victoria."
She also has another achievement.
"I qualified for the World Masters Championships which is in Dallas, so it's an absulute huge bonus for me."
On the 14th of July Francine will leave to achieve her goals.