Ngāpuhi elder Hone Sadler launches new book

Esteemed Ngāpuhi elder Hone Pereki Sadler, has culminated all the oral histories, genealogies and incantations of his own tribe into his new book, not only for those younger generations of the tribe, but for one and all. 

He's a lecturer at one of NZ's top tertiary institutions, he's a nominated representative on the board who will determine the outcome of the country's largest tribal treaty settlement.

It is that tribe also, Ngāpuhi, who forms the basis of his first published book, 'Tautoro is the centre of my Universe'.

Mr Sadler has spent most of his life sharing historical information for the benefit of others, from the classroom to oral evidence before the Waitangi Tribunal, he believes the time has come to seal it all in print. 

Age is no deterrent for this Ngāpuhi stalwart in his journey ahead into the world of tribal historical literature.

"I'm glad that this book is complete but it's not the end of the journey, there's stories yet to be told," says Mr Sadler.

He's referring to more literature, but this time he'll be looking into some of the great people and great times in Ngāpuhi history who've paved the way forward for the largest tribe of the land.