Ngāpuhi move to next phase of settlments

By Heta Gardiner

New Zealand’s largest tribe Ngāpuhi will now move to the next phase of their Treaty settlement following a meeting with the Treaty Minister Chris Finlayson in Auckland today.

Minister Finlayson said to Te Kaea that he will chair a meeting with Tuhoronuku and Te Kotahitanga o ngā hapu o Ngāpuhi, with the expectation that at the conclusion of that meeting there will be a timeline for the establishing a mandate for the Ngapuhi settlement.

“I want to see a very clear timeline for implementation in its entirety of Maranga Mai so we can get on with negotiations.”

The settlement process has caused some division within the tribe, with may sub-tribes of Ngāpuhi claiming Tūhoronuku were not the right board to lead the settlement. Last year the sub-tribe collective took Tūhoronuku to the Waitangi Tribunal which found they did not fairly represent Ngāpuhi as a whole.

In August this year the final Maranga Mai – Ngāpuhi Settlement Report was released. It looked at a united approach to settling the Ngāpuhi claims.  The report aimed at addressing a number of issues raised by the Waitangi Tribunal on the Tūhoronuku Ngāpuhi mandate, which called for a strengthening of hapū rangatiratanga and representation as the Hapū of Ngāpuhi strives to negotiate a settlement.

The meeting with the minister, Tuhoronuku and Te Kotahitanga will be held on the 13th of January.