Ngāpuhi outlays their New Year's Resolutions

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

It's been a challenging year for Ngāpuhi, the country's largest tribe, and descendants hope the iwi leadership can find solutions to achieve a treaty settlement.

The north is buzzing with excitement as 2018 comes to an end.

Locals have their own resolutions for the iwi:

"That we can come together for hapū, iwi, that we can come under our own umbrella and not the government and sort our own crap out."
"They're asking for unity, all the best for them. Ngāpuhi been trying for a long time to unite, especially this part of the land. "
"I hope our iwi stays strong together and all the raru happening between the hapū is all eliminated."

One of the tribe's prominent leaders agrees.

Pita Tipene says, "Ngāpuhi of 100 chiefs, many hapū. It's now time to move forward together."

The topic of treaty claims is never too far from conversation or controversy, especially since more than half of the tribe rejected the proposed mandate. Now leadership is a major topic among descendants.

The issues will also be discussed at the tribe's first major hui in January 2019.

"The aspirations of Ngāpuhi will not be achieved by one means. The long-term goal is for all hapū to stand on their own autonomy by coming together as one. That's how we move forward to the future" says Tipene.

The tribe will hold a hui at Kohewhata on January the 19. It's hoped the tribe will find solutions to move forward together.