Ngāpuhi siblings head to Muay Thai World Champs

Two Ngāpuhi siblings have been learning the art of Muay Thai for five years and are now preparing to test their skills at the IFMA Muay Thai World Championship, which will be held in the home of their sport, Thailand. 

As the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover - "My fight name is Te-Huia 'The Smiling Assasin' Tana," says Te Huia Tana

The siblings are preparing for the IFMA Muay Thai World Championships next month in Bangkok.

Jeffrey Kelly says, "It's been pretty hard, pretty intense slowly building up to Thailand just getting harder as we gotta try get fitter."

18-year-old Te Huia will be competing in the senior 63kg division and her 16-year-old brother Jeffrey in the 60kg division.

Their trainer Aaron Boyes says, "They are well prepared, we knew that they were going to the worlds November last year and we started training them since then, so they have had a good seven or eight months preparation training five days a week to get ready for it."

Like many siblings, it's only natural to bicker and fight, and it seems all those years of fighting has given them a kick-start in a professional sport. 

"They don't mind getting hit and hitting back and that makes for good fighters," says Boyes.

But the rivalry hasn't completely disappeared.  When asked who the best fighter was, neither was ready to bow out. 

"If we are fighting clean he'll waste me, but if we are fighting dirty I think I can beat him," said Tana.

The pair take to the world stage in two weeks.