Ngarino Te Waati receives Mataora

By D'Angelo Martin

Ngarino Tauwhirowhiro Te Waati also known as Beez Te Waati is a Māori movement practitioner and tikanga Māori enthusiast who very recently has received his mataora done by Turumakina Duley Tū Moko.

Another identity, another path for Te Waati, but the vision and his aspirations remain the same.

Ngarino says, "I learnt through my wrongs and my faults and my mistakes. Through that came a phase of rediscovery, therefore, I was reborn."

It took him three years to come into the conclusion that he was ready to receive a mataora, within that time he went on a journey of learning.

Ngarino asked himself, "What's my purpose in the world? I was searching and searching but it was right there in front of me.

“Which was to nurture my kids and for them to know their place as the leaders of the future."

From this experience, the passion that he has for what he does went up tenfold. Māori movement, the male retreats that he's established and many other ventures.

"There are a lot of kaupapa already here in Aotearoa, and I was lucky enough to establish my own under the sacred house of Āio, which people can use it as a safe space."

Te Waati hopes that what he's currently doing will contribute and inspire people to be unashamed to be Māori in today's modern world.

"I am here willingly to break the barriers down that hold our people against the wall and colinisation has a big part to play in this.

“We have the tools and resources and knowledge for what is best for us moving forward."

Te Waati is a beacon for those aspirations of our ancestors to be upheld in the future.