Ngāti Awa call for Rena to be removed completely

The Rena should be removed from Astrolabe Reef.  That's the view Te Patuwai and Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa presented to the panel overseeing the Rena resource consent hearings. 

This is a different call from other representatives of the subtribe.

The legal counsel for Te Patuwai hapū set the tone by establishing that there is only one voice representing them at the Rena resource consent hearings in Tauranga.

Pouroto Ngaropo says, “We're here to support Te Patuwai and Ngāti Maumoana, and to urge the panel to right this wrong. There is only one sub-tribe who represents the interests of Ngāti Awa and Mataatua.” 

Te Patuwai hapū of Ngāti Awa wants the Rena wreck removed in its entirety.

Ngaropo says, “Ngāti Awa's stance is that the wreck should be removed.  That's what we are challenging the panel to do today.”

However, this goes against views presented by Nepia Ranapia of Te Kāhui Kaumātua o Te Patuwai ki Motiti, an umbrella group of elders of Motiti which is a subsection of Te Patuwai. 

Ranapia told the panel last Friday that Astrolabe Reef has suffered and that the Rena wreck should be left as it is.

However, today other elders of Te Patuwai made calls for only one voice. 

Akuhata Tahu says, “We have to unite otherwise we'll continue to be plagued by problems.  We are getting offers of money and that is our focus now.”

Te Patuwai hapū of Ngāti Awa say they want the wreck removed because the contaminants endanger their way of life, their people and their future generations.