Ngāti Awa descendant hopeful for spot in Internet Party's candidacy line-up

By Te Ao Māori News

Patrick Salmon is the liaison for the smoke-free team, Wero.  This weekend, he took a leap at the chance to enter politics.

The Internet Party opened their doors to 22 people.  Only two of them are Māori, and Salmon is one of them.

Patrick Salmon believes, "While Māori are a minority in this country, when it comes to Govt we are huge stakeholders."

Salmon hopes to seal the deal for the Waiariki electorate.

27-year-old Salmon was brought up in Te Teko.  His involvement has been in the health and education sectors, as well as many iwi projects.

Salmon told Te Kāea, "I chose to stand in the Waiariki electorate because that's where my family are from.  Access to the internet is much harder down there but it's the most powerful tool in this day and age."

Internet Party leader, Laila Harré has chosen five hopeful candidacies to interview.

Ngāti Awa descendant, Salmon, is one of them and he'll be waiting alongside his family for the results this week.

Reporter:  Taroi Black