Ngāti Hine couple praised and supported for anti-P campaign

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

With hundreds of referrals every year for meth addiction, P is running rampant amongst communities across the country. A Ngāti Hine couple is doing all they can to stamp it out of their Northland community by stopping the sale of P-pipes in their local store and they're being widely supported.

A couple from the small Northland community of Moerewa is gaining national support after making a stand against P across the North and they say now is the time to stand up. 

"We don't want our tamariki exposed to them, it becomes normal. When they walk in and see these pipes they start believing that it's okay to have them or use them and it's not okay," says Erana Paraone.

They say the problem is bigger than people think.

'It's huge, it's in every community in Northland. It's made its way into the homes across the region,' says Wiremu Keretene.

The couple went viral after a video on Facebook showed them asking a local shop owner to remove glass pipes from their shelves.

Shops have since pulled them from the shelves and they've gained support from across the motu and home. 

Paraone says, "Some of the people in other towns have pm-ed us and they're doing the same thing. Some of them have asked if we can go down."

"We've seen changes, some changes, we're now having the community coming together to support the issues that are there because the issue is in every whānau basically," says Ivy Tenana, Te Ara Oranga, NDHB.

This is more than a national issue for them, it's a personal one. 

"One of our nieces was pretty well, yeah, she was hurt quite badly by a partner who was using. So we didn't want it to go further than that - 'til someone died before anyone decided to do anything," says Keretene.

"The improvement we've seen is that whānau are not gonna stand for it no more," says Tenana.

A petition is being drawn together to send to government to stop the sale of P-pipes in shops everywhere.