Ngati Hine Rūnanga refuses to support Tūhoronuku

By Harata Brown

At the annual general meeting of Te Rūnanga of Ngati Hine held on Saturday, it was confirmed that all it's representatives, affiliated Marae and seven hapū oppose Tūhoronuku.

The re-appointed chairman of Ngati Hine, Te Waihoroi Shortland says Ngati Hine do not agree that it is just or durable that Ngati Hine should commit to a Ngāpuhi one size fits all settlement under Tūhoronuku, the Crown endorsed mandated entity to settle all of Ngāpuhi's Treaty Grievances.

A Tūhoronuku representative on record said that Ngāpuhi must continue to fight, however it's guns need not be directed within, however, there was a different view expressed by a prominent leader of Ngati Hine.

Te Waihoroi Shortland says, “First of all, Tuhoronuku needs to fall, the Crown is only a small pawn in this battle that will follow.” 

The Rūnanga of Ngati Hine is wanting to seek it's own mandate and settlement agreement with the Crown. 

Te Waihoroi says, “Of all grievences amongst hapu, they can be carried by their own hapu regions, for Ngati Hine, I say we are 40 thousand strong, other tribes have already settled and yet they are smaller than us.” 

Tūhoronuku begins its information hui regarding the voting process to appoint members of the entity tonight.

15 members of the 22 Tūhoronuku members will be representatives from the 5 regions within Ngāpuhi, Te Peowhairangi is the district which Ngati Hine falls under, Shortland says Marae within the Peowhairangi district did not agree for its regions hui to be held on one of its Marae.  

Te Waihoroi claims, “in order to show face, they have said that they will have come amongst us, to show face, by setting their (hui) at a Pakeha hotel.”

More than 3500 submissions on the Deed of Mandate for Tūhoronuku were received by the Crown, of all those submissions, 63 expressed opposition to the amended deed

The Chairman for the Rūnanga of Ngati Hine says that they will fight hard and long to get their message across.