Ngāti Kuri signs Deed of Settlement despite hapū opposition

By Harata Brown

The rain came down on Ngataki o Mokohorea as the Crown descended on Waiora Marae for today's Deed of Settlement signing between Ngāti Kuri and the Crown.

The multitude packed out the marquee on the courtyard to witness the Crown's apology.

However, a contingent of members from the Ngāti Kuri settlement of Te Hāpua also arrived to show their opposition.

Matiu Rata led Ngāti Kuri's treaty claim under the Muriwhenua Fishing and Land claims in 1987, and 25 years have since passed as the tribe awaited a settlement.

Under the Deed of Settlement:

1)  The Crown will provide Ngāti Kuri with a cash quantum of $21 million plus interest, place name changes such as Te Rerenga Wairua (formerly Cape Reinga),
2)  Vesting of 10 cultural redress sites, three of which are based at Te Rerenga Wairua, Spirits Bay and Mokaikai Pā.
3)  Vesting of sites to Ngäti Kuri and other iwi includes Murimotu, joint vesting of Te Aupouri Crown Forestry Lands and accumulated rentals.

Ngāti Kuri is the fourth iwi of Muriwhenua to have signed their Deed of Settlement with the Crown. 

Shortly the Māori Affairs Select Committee will hear submissions on the Deed.

**Due to an administrative issue the original online report stated Harry Burkhardt was a member of the protest group against the settlement. This is incorrect. Harry Burkhardt is the Chair of the Ngāti Kuri Trust Board. We apologise for the error and for any offence caused.**