Ngāti Paoa plan to build marae in East Auckland

Ngāti Paoa are planning to build a new marae at Pt England, East Auckland.  The tribe’s treaty negotiator, Hauāuru Eugene told Te Kāea exclusively, this will be part of the redress under their claim, which is close to being finalised.

This is where Ngāti Paoa plan to build a new marae as part of their tribal strategy.

Hauāuru Rawiri, spokesperson for Ngāti Paoa says, “Housing development, employment and marae improvement and developments are our focus. Because of that we are looking to build a marae at Pt England.”

Two hectares of land will be ear marked as a part of the tribes treaty claim.

“Firstly, we want to have the land returned to us. Secondly are working with the community, council, government and all sectors surrounding the marae,” says Rawiri.

Ngāti Paoa have three marae. Wharekawa Marae in Kaiaua, Waiti Marae in Tahuna, and Makomako Marae in Pukorokoro near Miranda. This will be the first based in Auckland.

Rawiri says, “Our ancestors resided there.  Our ancestor Paoa envisioned that his descendants would return to live there.  We also know that people from different cultures live there, that's okay.  What can we do to help them achieve their aspirations and businesses, all those things.”

Hauāuru estimates the cost to build will be more than half a million dollars - that will also be a legacy for future generations.

“It will cost a lot, but it will be left for our children and grandchildren to develop,” says Rawiri.

Rawiri expects their claim will be settled in June.