Ngāti Paoa will not be taking legal action against the Crown

Ngāti Paoa has issued a statement saying it will not be joining any other iwi in taking legal action against the Crown over the Government's interpretation of Right of First Refusal.

Yesterday, Ngati Whātua and Waikato-Tainui confirmed they will legally challenge the Government over the issue in court.

Ngati Whātua Ōrākei representative Ngarimu Blair says, "Ngāti Whātua have heard what the minister had to say and we believe he's confused us all.  That's why we're taking this case to court and the court will make their decision and we'll know what the right thing to do is."

However according to Ngāti Paoa, “At this point in time, like several other iwi in Auckland, Ngāti Paoa is still in active negotiations with the Crown. Our focus is on completing our settlement negotiations so that we can participate. Therefore, we believe the solution is at the negotiation table not in a court room Ngāti Paoa believe all 13 iwi Manawhenua who signed the Tāmaki Collective Bill should be considered for the RFR opportunities.”

In a press conference yesterday, Prime Minister John Key stated, "We haven't actually identified these lands we want to release. There's over a 150,000 land in Auckland so whether there will be any land that they could even make a case even if we think there is an appropriate legal case to do this is a completely different issue."

Ngāti Paoa Treaty Negotiator, Hauāuru Rawiri says they have already shared with the Minister that iwi could play a significant role in resolving the housing crisis as a preferred developer.

He says “it would be premature to take legal action if we haven't sat down yet to fully consider and develop a process that will enable us t work together to explore this option further.”

Ngarimu Blair says, "We already have a team on the ground working hard to find ways of developing homes.  Both us and Waikato-Tainui will achieve this."

While legal action takes place, the delay on building homes for potential buyers continues.