'No more insulting Te Reo signage': Auckland mayoral candidate John Lehmann

By Kelvin McDonald

Fringe Auckland mayoral candidate John Lehmann wants to put an end to "insulting Te Reo signage".

In a statement published in full by Waatea News, Lehmann asks that "no more signs be written in two languages", English and Te Reo Māori.

Being part Māori himself, Lehmann says he finds it a "total nonsense" having both languages written on signs.

"It’s expensive, insulting tokenism and those behind this tokenism should be ashamed of themselves."

"How many Māori don’t speak English?" he asks in the statement. "None," he says.

"How many speak made up fluent Māori?" "Less than 1%", he says.

"All kiwis speak English, and it’s just PC nonsense gone mad and its expensive."

Lehmann claims "much of the translation is just made up on the spot, as Māori didn’t have words for many things like ‘’Bus stop, Airport, Hospital’’ or ‘’rail network’’ etc."

"Council have people there under contract making words up that don’t exist in true Te Reo Māori, and just done to be seen as PC, it’s just plain out insulting."

Lehmann says he does not want current signage removed, "just not replaced, or written in two languages."

"As it is we are just doubling up on costs and the wording be bigger."

Lehmann says he is interested in hearing people's opinions on his stance. 

"Of course I would welcome public feedback on this."

Lehmann did not feature among the leading contenders in July's Auckland Mayoral Poll by Ratepayers’ Alliance/Curia.