No one is safe - Jones calls out Air NZ over 'safety-rap' video

Minister Shane Jones says Air New Zealand should make a safety video featuring him in a boxing match with the carrier's chairman Antony Carter and CEO Christopher Luxon. 

The Regional Economic Development Minister wasn't pulling any punches following the airline's release of its new safety-rap video.

"If they would like to film a new video, what I would suggest is a 'fight night' between myself and {Air NZs] chairman or someone from its board.  Perhaps the CEO of Air New Zealand."

The video features Māori musicians Kings, Theia and Hunt for the Wilderpeople actor Julian Denison giving safety instructions in an adaptation of Run DMC's It's Tricky.

Jones says the video is an indigestible ‘mishmash’ of food and rap music with the safety message lost in the mix. 

"You don't know where it begins or ends” he says.

In a statement to Te Kāea, the Civil Aviation Authority's deputy director Mark Hughes says, “The CAA is always prepared to look into any specific concerns; however, at this time we assess the video as meeting the desired safety objective.  This takes into account the combination of safety video verbal, visual and written messages, as well as the passenger safety briefing card.”

It's not the first time Jones has taken swings at the airline. In March, Jones criticised Air New Zealand for cutting domestic flights to the provinces.

"They boast about their international destinations.  They need to come back, consult with the people who own it and that includes New Zealand regions."

Meanwhile Air New Zealand are defending the video after some online commentators labelled it "cringey" and "embarrassing".

In a statement to Te Kāea the airline said, “We are proud of the latest safety video and make no apology for celebrating Kiwi culture or showcasing the talents of people from 30 community groups around New Zealand, including in many regions.”

“We're also thrilled that the video has focused attention internationally on New Zealand in a positive way.”

The airline is well-known for their safety videos.  However, time will tell whether they take up Jones' creative input for their next outing.