Noongar people remain steadfast despite police raids

Despite aggressive police raids on the Tent Embassy at Matagarup in Perth over the last few days, the Noongar people are determined to stay on their land to protest against the planned closure of remote Aboriginal communities across Western Australia.

Three arrests were made during the raids including elder Bella Bropho who has been at the camp from the beginning.

Bella has been the spokesperson for the Noongar Swan Valley community and Te Kāea spoke to her last month about the constant raids by the police.

Taniera Hawke is one of many who is helping the Noongar people bring in donations from the Māori community but she says they're in desperate need of basic essentials like food, water and shelter after the raids.

She says, "The first priority is shelter, tents, beds, blankets especially as the seasons are starting to change at this time of the year, to keep warm.
The second would be fresh water and food."

The Perth City Council has warned that they have directed police to respond daily, Monday to Friday, to anyone camping on the island.

Regardless of the arrests and the raids, the first nations people will continue to stand up for their rights and their land.