Northland whānau with Covid-19 opens up to Mangamuka community

By Tamati Tiananga

Mangamuka couple Manga Puhi and wife Rosalina Puhi have gone public with the news wife Rosalina has tested positive with the Covid-19 Delta variant. 

Rosalina who got her first vaccination jab last month and was due for her second next week says, "I had the choice to shy away and do nothing or be brave and open up to the community about the seriousness of the virus."

Two of the four new cases reported Saturday 23 October in the Northland region were announced the afternoon of Friday 22 October. All four cases are related to each other and the two newest cases are whānau members.

Rosalina says, "I was absolutely shocked to learn what little people knew about Covid-19 and understanding about the virus."

Friday night Rosalina Puhi posted her Covid-19 results on the Mangamuka Facebook Community page. Since her post, she has been flooded with messages from locals. 

"People saying thank you for putting a face to the virus will eliminate the worry here and now many can carry on with their normal life," said Rosalina.  

Rosalina adds many people who were on the fence are asking questions about her symptoms. She adds sharing has made it easier for many to get vaccinated.  

"I guess they felt they didn't need to because Mangamuka was once covid free but now that my small community know who has this virus."


Rosalina only learnt she had come into contact with someone with Covid-19 after a whānau member in West Auckland had contracted Covid-19 in the last few days.  Rosalina who had all the relevant documents to enter Auckland including a negative Covid-19 test result had travelled to West Auckland to retrieve whānau members and return to Northland.  

Rosalina said, "A family member had tested positive for Covid-19. When I spoke to health professionals I then realised how infectious the virus was and got tested straight away."

Husband Manga who admits he is yet to get vaccinated said the whānau are self-isolating. Manga's first Covid-19 test results have returned negative but added if he begins to show symptoms in the next few days he will self-test and send the sample to the Northland DHB to be tested.  

"I've already got my mum in my ear to get vaccinated and to make sure I am wearing a mask at all times and to separate myself from my wife," said Manga.